Selecting value from my Special List in the combo box

Hello Everybody,
Here is a weird bug.  I pick a value from listed values in a combo box, then press my "Enter" button and it goes to a screen action.  It returns back to the page after doing some processing.  My selected value still shows.  No problem.  If I pick a value that is on the Special List.....such as "ALL" and I return back to the page, the combo box will default to another special list value "Select One:".  I want the combo box to maintain state and still have "ALL" selected when it returns back to the page.
Any suggestions?

Hi Frank,

1. Are you anyhow changing the value of variable in the action?
2. What values are you setting up in the the Special List?
3. What is the request type of the button (submit/ajax)?

If you post a small example it will be easier to help you! :)

Best regards,

Rúben Gonçalves
Hello Ruben,
Answers to your questions:
1) I am not touching the combo box variable in the action.
2) I have two Special List values: (Value 1 - 0, Option 1 - Select One:) and (Value 2 - 1, Option 2 - ALL)
3) I am using the Ajax method and Client & Server validation for the button.
If I pick a value from my list in the combo box that is not from this Special List, it goes to an action and the page returns with the value still being selected.  If I pick "ALL", which is a Special List option, it goes to the action and the page returns and the combo box will display "Select One:".  I want the combo box to display "ALL", the value I selected.