On after fetch issue on link to another pop up

Backgound: One Jobmaintenance ID has may JobDetail records (Phase)

In JobMainDetail, there is a link to direct to "JobTestDetail4Onchange" page, and i want the pop up of  relevant jobDetail ID record 

In JobMainDetail page, I clicked below record (phase is 6000)

After I clicked the link, it directs to right JobMaintenanceID and JobDetailID page. 

- Phase 6000 is refer to JobDetailID14009, 

- However the pop up always show the top record of Job Detail of the jobmaintenace.
   -->The pop up shows phase3000 instead of 6000. 
(One more problem is that , when it directs to the pop up, it first shows 6000 quickly , then changed to the top record (phase 3000).)

- I have already add the on after fetch in below aggregage, 

would please check whats wrong with my logic and how i can pop up the right phase instead of the top record of the JobMaintenance.


Hi Winnie,

Did u check the ids of both phase3000 and 6000. same id will fetch wrong details.


They belong to same JobmaintenanceID but different JobDetailID

Cuz one job maintenance ID can have many JobDetail ID in my case. 

The one I clicked is yellow highlighted one, but it shows the red one (the top of the record)

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