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Hello there 👋🏼, 

I'm want to use the Ultimate PDF component in ODC to generate a PDF from a screen. My issue is that this PDF is to large (~20mb) resulting in an error due to the ODC library (external logic) limitation of 5.5mb. 

It states I should use the PrintPDF_ToREST action but I have no idea how to set this up. Especially the restCaller part... I assume that I need to set up a REST endpoint as well to retrieve the file. I tried a few things to make it work but wasn't successful. Does anybody know how to make this work on both sides (the action and the endpoint)? I could not find any information about it.

My current workaround is to split the documents into several parts, creating the pdfs one by one and merging them all together (via an O11 endpoint with the PDF helper library)

Thanks for your help & suggestions 💪🏼



You need to dig the Forge page for more information.

Here, I help you.

This is the documentation from Ultimate PDF External Logic:


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