Re : First Questions...

Hello Mr.

I'm new here, I found interesting application, I would like to know more details:
- A topic says that the tool has been discontinued, so?

- I realized that the focus is more on. Net (aspx), but I have a preference for JAVA, the tool works the same in JAVA or have some loss?

- What database should I use because I can choose?

- Is there any company in Brazil that offers support and training? I went behind the TrueChange, but found nothing and is redirected to their website OutSystems ...

Thank you,

Marcelo -

* The version from two years ago (5) has been discontinued. The current version is 7.
* Version 7 catches the Java version up to the .NET version, as far as I know (I don't work for OutSystems, they may know better than me).
* I would use SQL Server unless you must have Oracle; SQL Server has a free version, and the management tools are much better.

Thnks for sharing