Unable to download as uploaded format

I had done file upload in one page. Reading and downloading it from a table on another page. I am unable download the uploaded file type. I am downloading as textfile.
For example - If i upload excel sheet, I need to download as excel file. But I am getting as text file. No matter whatever the File type is. Can i know what is the reason.

Hi Ajay,

Generally it doesn't happen. But are you sure you have used file name as text and binary file for the upload?? And in entity as well. Please try to help to upload oml so that would be able to understand your problem easily. 





The reason is when downloading a file you need to provide the file extension, So if you want to download the the file save the extension as well in a database table,

To get the binary file information when uploading you can use a this client  action. to get the file extension. In this case you need to download this forge component


If you want to do it on your own you can write a logic using substring
In that case you don't need a Forge Component.

you can refer here - https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/54515/reactive-web-check-file-type/


Once you save the file on download widget just concatenate the file name with the extension.

I hope this helps

Best Rgeards
Tousif Khan

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