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I am wondering how to have a specific link that is coming from my database and is being displayed on a table be clickable. 

This table is prefilled with questions form the database and the link is included in the database. The questions are being bootstraped. This question is the only link that needs to be clickable from the table.

Can something similar be done with an email coming from DB as well?


You can try saving the tags in the database and pass it through an expression. Try <a>YOUR LINK</a>

Hi Alex
Yes, first of all, you should store the link as:
<a href='<URL_Link>'> <Text_To_Display> </a> 
Do this, the content will be in HTML format.
Then to display the HTML content, you can use this https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/9854/html-display-component-for-react-web-and-mobile forge component. Or write a custom webBlock that assign the HTML content to "innerHTML" of the Container, so that it can be display correctly

Hi Martinez

Once I have this requirement of my project, i stored text as html text same with the @Nghia Hoang 

Please <a href="URL">click here</a> for details.

it is working fine on my requirement.


Hi @Alexander Martinez 

Try following steps to make link clickable:

1.Show Link(Text) from the Database on the Screen.
2.Right Click on Link Text and Select "Link To" Option.
3.Use RedirectToURL in the Created Action.

For reference , oml is attached below -



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