Transferring data from one entity to another entity not saving Japanese character

   I have two tables 
1. City 
2. City2 both are from external Database

I am transferring data from City entity to the City2 entity. I was able to transfer all the data to another table. 

For the Name attribute I have both English and Japanese data. All the English characters were saving correctly but Japanese character is saved as "???" character in my external database. 

For the Name attribute I have kept the datatype as nVarchar and through query I have also inserted Japanese character for the Name attribute in my external DB it was saving both English and Japanese character, but it is not saving Japanese character when I try to save from the outsystems. 

Hello Annie,

It's possible that your problem isn't with Outsystems, but with the database configuration.

As you can see from the link below, an important issue is database collation and your problem could be there.


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