Building a Hierarchical Accordion Widget for Self referencing entity in OutSystems

I am currently facing a challenge in developing an accordion-style widget for a hierarchical data structure in OutSystems. The data model involves a self-referencing relationship within an entity named "Topic," with an attribute called "ParentTopicId" representing the hierarchical link.

This image is what I need to build with OutSystems, "limit5" is the parent of "limit6" and so on.


  • Display a list of topics in an accordion format.
  • Topics without a parent should appear at the highest level.
  • Each topic may have child topics, and this hierarchy can extend to multiple levels.

Specific Challenges:

  • Front-End Rendering: Difficulty in structuring the front-end to represent the hierarchical data in an accordion layout.
  • Data Retrieval: Ensuring proper data retrieval from the "Topic" entity, organized by the "ParentTopicId" to maintain the hierarchy.


Why don't you use one of the Hierarchy Tree components available in the Forge? They seem to be a more suitable widget type for your requirement.

Some examples you could consider:



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