"Screen action is not a function" on GeoJSON listener

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I am using the following code to add an eventlistener for GeoJSON layers on a Leaflet map on OS11.

var geojsonLayer = L.geoJSON(states, {      onEachFeature: function (feature, layer) {        layer.on('mouseover', function () {         

 layer.bindPopup("Lorem Ipsum").openPopup();        


layer.on('click', function () {        

console.log("Lorem Ipsum")          

$actions.FillColor("Lorem Ipsum")        



 }).addTo(" + EncodeJavaScript(LeafletMapName) + ");"

While the actions for the PopUp and the console.log (marked in green) work completely fine, I am getting get an "Uncaught TypeError: $actions.Fillcolor is not a function ..." for my Screen Action "FillColor".

Has anyone an idea why this is happening?

Best regards and thanks in advance


Hi Dimitri,

May I know when is this action with this JS is called (in OnInit or OnRender). Also, please make sure that the JS code is inside a Screen Action that belongs to the same screen as  FillColor? If so I guess you can try to call the FillColor action inside a setTimeout to delay the call, some thing like this:

setTimeout(function() {if($actions.FillColor) {$actions.FillColor("Lorem Ipsum");}}, 150);

Hi Nghia Hoang

The JS is called in the OnReady Screen Action on the same Screen as the FillColor action.

The setTimeout also didn't work.

Best regards

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