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Hi all,

I am having trouble using UltimatePDF for a long time.

I have been investigating List page breaks and how to label list number.

I would like to ask if it is possible to label list numbers "Except" UltimatePDF.

The following is what I would like to do.

The fraction is shown in the lower right corner of the list.

The denominator is how many pages are occupied by one list in total,

and the numerator is the current page.

For example, when a list is large and divided two pages, it should be labeled 1/2, 2/2 (Figure. 1).

There are more than two list, start with the first page (Figure. 2)(Figure. 3).

There is only one page, a list is labeled as 1/1 (Figure. 3).

Figure. 1, Figure. 2, and Figure. 3 are connected. Page numbers are labeled from 1 to 6.

Figure. 1 Divided two pages

Figure. 2 Display two or more list

Figure. 3 Only one page


Yosuke Sasaki

Hi Yosuke Sasaki,

Could you please help to attach oml. would be able to look more of this.



Hi Prince,

Apparently the answer[1] to this question is that I can do the process which I am looking for.

Thank you for using the time to ask my question, however, I will close this question.

I'm sorry.


[1] https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/92799/ultimate-pdf-special-pagination-functionality-for-pdf/

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