How can i merge cell of table records

Hi all, I having this trouble to merge cell when the next row have the same candidate.id with the previous row. Like you can see in the image attached. I want to merge the cell having same value of 2 rows and make the Recruitment Process having two attributes like the below iimage. I don't have any idea for this yet. Please let me know if you have a solution.



You can create a Nested list in this case, Where you need to put the many elements in a list which will be in a block and from the parent pass the identifier, Like

I have created one example with, Book and Category,So I have added some categories and books

So multiple books can belong to same  category, this is just a quick poc example for the use case you had.So in that case you can avoid duplicates in next rows,Like in your case one Name can be under multiple Recruitment process,

So if this is what you are looking for then I have added one sample for you hope that might help you.


Also I am adding some related post links that can help you


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This is what i need. Thanks a lot!


You are Welcome 😀
Glad to help you with this
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