Single Timer for multiple SQL table

I had planned to set timers for multiple table from database.
 For single table(process), I had created the timer and in Action tab,I had mentioned this server action.

Now i need to update that with multiple table(MODEL,etc...). How to do that, Can anybody share the server action for multiple table that i need to insert in single Timer.

Hi @Ajay Saminathan 

Your question is you need to create or update data in two entities while running timers. Am I right?

If not please explain it briefly.



Yes sir. what you have said is right. I need to create or update for two or more entities in single timer.

After 1st for each you can use another aggregate and for each for updating another entity.

timer's default timeout is 20 minutes. If you have small amount of data then it's no problem. If you have large number of data then increase the timeout.

But it's not the best practice for real time application. If you are in learning phase you can try this.

Or else you can manually call process also, inside timer you can call two or more processes. Processes run in asynchronous manner , so data will update in multiple entities at the same time. But here also time out will take place.

For your clarification use below documentation to learn more about timers and process BPT


Create and run timers


I hope it will help you



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