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Hello there, I developed a card with important information for the customer on a web page with Outsystems. Now my client wants to receive this card via email every 30 days. Triggering the recurring email is simple for me, but I'm having trouble generating the card that will be sent as the content of the email. I need help finding a way to generate the card on the back end before sending the email. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? 

Hi @Yan Vitor ,

You can use HTMLtoPDF converter and use your web page link with necessary input parameter , it will generate a PDF and return as binary content and send this binary content to inside email.

Hope this will help you.


In any case, you can create a web screen that will be your card.

Than, you can use HTMLtoPDF like Rahul Sahu suggested or you can use UltimatePDF to do that to (I prefer the last one, it's simpler to install). You can download it here:

You can check how to do it int this post:

There you have even an example posted by Rishabh Chawda:

Hope this can help you.

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Hey, guys, The problem is that I need to send the email without receiving a request. The email will be sent using a timer. In this case, I can't use components like HTMLtoPDF or UltimatePDF because the web screen is on the front end. To solve this problem, I need a way to convert the web screen to a binary file via the back end. It's possible? If not, does anyone know a way around this? 

Hi Yan,

I don't know about HTMLtoPDF, but you can definitely use UltimatePDF for your use case. It has a server action that allows you to generate a PDF binary by passing in the URL of the screen:

You can try Ultimate PDF forge, take the following steps: 

1.Drag its 'PrintToPDF' (or PrintToPDF_Advanced) .
2.Provide a URL to your screen or web app. 
3.Download the PDF.

After generating PDF successfully, you can send it as an attachment through "Send Email". 

Hope it helps



That is possible, just create the web screen that contain your email content, right click on UI Flow that you want to create email then choose Add Email

Create your body content with your purpose, because it will send to different user by timer action, you have to add input parameter at this email body screen. So it will dynamically change based on recipient, for example:

After finish create the email content, lets continue to make a send action

In the send email server action, fill all the parameter that we need to fill the email content. Also create input parameter on that send email action, so in timer action we can fill the chosen data for the email content.

Hope it reaching your requirement


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