does not save

any change does not save, does not alter any data, nor does it allow anything to be saved. How can I adjust this?

Hi Mateus,

Looks like you created a screen by scaffolding, not all logic will be implemented, instead a warning message is displayed that the logic is not implemented. You are expected to replace that warning message in logic with your own logic to save data. Open in Service Studio the screen and go to the screen action attached to the click event of the Save button. In the logic you will see the message widget, you need to replace it with an entity action or SQL statement to save the data in the database.



Hi Daniel,

the logic is like this...

Hi Mateus,

As Daniel suggested, you need to create your save login in this action (SaveDetail client action of the BankMovementDetail screen).

I am just adding some screen shots for you to understand.

Hope it helps.


Can you share the OML, because you share a bootstrap server action that imports an excel. And then you share the SaveDetail screen action. Both have no relationship with each other.

As I already stated in the SaveDetail screen action you need to replace the message with logic to save the current record.

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