Service Studio on a old mac running High Sierra?

I've been reading a couple posts and would like to have confirmation a to running Service Studio on a old Mac (High Sierra).
Is this possible or is installing a virtual machine the only alternative?


Hii @Ricardo Rosa,

Yes, you can run Service Studio on an old Mac running High Sierra, but it's not officially supported. OutSystems only officially supports Service Studio on macOS 

macOS Big Sur2020
macOS 10.132017

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to run Service Studio on an old Mac:

You may encounter performance issues.

Some features of Service Studio may not work properly.

You may have difficulty getting support from OutSystems if you encounter problems.

If you decide to install a virtual machine, I recommend using VirtualBox or VMware Fusion. These are both popular virtual machine applications that are compatible with macOS. 

Hope this will help you.

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Sanjay Kushwah.

Thank you Sanjay,

I am already working on the VirtualBox option for the time being but I will eventually upgrade to a newer mac for the sake of my mental health :D


your welcome @Ricardo Rosa,

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Sanjay Kushwah

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