Accepting Data from "Form Post"
Application Type


We are attempting to integrate post requests into our OutSystems application from third-party applications. Displaying the post properties on the OutSystems application page is a must.

(Without API)

We are giving a single URL to a third-party application so that it can submit data; however, the data will be hidden within the URL, so we must read it and present it on our OutSystems page.

Hello Nihil,

When you write "hidden within the URL", do you mean that the information will be sent in query string parameters? All you'd need to do is define a set of parameters and have the third-party application access your page using those parameters (/TestScreen.aspx?InputA=abc&InputB=def):

This is enough if you're transmitting small amounts of non-confidential information as query strings are limited in size and often logged everywhere, but if you want to receive large amounts of data, or it's confidential and cannot create a SOAP/REST API, you could have this data sent over as HTTP Request Headers. These headers are more secure than data within the query string and have no notable size limits. You can retrieve them with the GetRequestHeader action of the HTTPRequestHandler extension.


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