How blocks work in Screen


I am new to this platform.

I am trying to make 3blocks.

Block 1- Contains two data of new hire and Existing role Re-evaluation 

Block 2 Contains two data on hire and Evaluation.

Block 3- Contains two data of job description and KPI.

What I am trying to do is when we click in block 1 with data of new hires it should automatically update to the first screen and open block 2 hires in the first screen and then when we click hire it should automatically open block 3 on the screen. How to merge blocks in the screen. I have No idea what to do.

I have attached the OML file.


Hii @Priyanka Singh,

as you mentioned on block three when you clicked on hire it should be open block 3 but there was not a hire button inside block 2.

so i have added and also added a go back button on block 3.

I have developed functionality like 

when you click new hire inside block 1 block then block 2 will be visible and block 1 will be hide. 

then when you click on hire on block 2 then block 3 will be visible and block 2 also will be hide.

then when you click on go back inside block 3 block 2 and block 3 will be hide and block 1 will be visible.

if you don't want to hide previous button then just remove assign on handler(handler are on screen)  which are making variables false.

Please find attached OML file

kind regards,

Sourabh Sharma   


thank you

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