facing issue while consuming APIs with client certificates.
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Hi all

I have an requirement to send SSL certificate (.PFX and .Cer) file while consuming rest api.

what i have done:

1.SSL certificate is configured with the help of OS team.

2.I did Try HTTPs consumer forge component 

3.Certificate is configured in postman and APIs are working fine.

when I remove the certificate from the postman i get the status 400.the same I am getting in outsystems.

Means that before consuming apis i have the sign the certifiacte to consume the apis.that i want how to do.

I have gone through HTTP consumer forge component documentation but i did not win.

Api Request is "Content_type URLencoded"

any suggestion would be appreciated.

kind regards,

Sourabh Sharma.

Hi Sourabh,

Perhaps the solution detailed here will help you?

Thank you for responding. I have tried that but still I am getting the status code 400 in outsystems.

The APIs are working fine in Postman but when I remove the .cer and .PFX file then It will also give me the 400 status code .

the client side certificate is configured by the Outsystems in our Dev environment .

Kind regards

Sourabh Sharma

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