Sending Email template in html from one application to service module of another

Hi Team,

We have a requirement of sending an existing email template in HTML of an application to service module of another application and extracting the original data from the HTML so that we get the same format.

Can someone please suggest that how can we do this ?

Hi @Kona jyothi ,

Can you give more details and/or an example?


Hi @npinto,

We are building a notification application for sending emails . Our environment has three applications, all these applications will use this notification application for sending emails. We want to send emails from the service module of the notification application.

 For that, our applications will have their respective email templates in their end user modules, now we want to extract the content in the email template in html format and send to the notification engine service module and in the service module we will extract the original email content from the html and send the email in the original format.

Hi @Kona jyothi ,

But are you using the Email sending by default from outsystems? Or will you use a third-party integration to send the email?

Hi @Kona jyothi

You can consider the steps mentioned below:
1. Import html email templates in Data tab --> Resources.
2. Then save these templates into an entity.
3. After that use these templates to send email using SMTP_send mail action. 

This way you can use these email templates in service module for different applications.
For reference, please have a look of attached images.

Hope this will help


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