Updating data in Table

I am developing an application that from an admin perspective should update the client side data within the table. 

And if possible how can an admin role approve or deny client updates to the database?

Hey Mohsin,

In your database you need to create an attribute called "IsAdminApproved" of boolean type. Then you need create a separate screen which will be accessed by Admins. In that screen create an aggregate having the filter  IsAdminApproved = False. Then create a table and use the aggregate as an input of the table and create one button called "Approve" button which will update the attribute "IsAdminApproved " to true in db.

In this approach your problem can be sorted.

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal

Hi @Mohsin Mehmood ,

I would advice you to introduce a flag called status in your database table instead of storing the data client side data.

Whenever clients/users submits the data it must be saved with status- draft or ready for approve.

Then create a separate screen where only user with admin role can access the records with Draft or ready for approve data and then admin can take the decision by clicking/updating the status to approve or reject that data.

And then only approved data will be available over the dashboard or home screen wherever you want to display.

Hope this helps,

Manish Jawla

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