how to stop btp process if there is a exception

Dear Team

i have a bpt process running with one automatic activity. whenever a exception occurs the bpt continues to execute again and again to throw the same error. i tried to resolve this using site property but that is throwing error message like invalidate catch. is there other way to stop the process if there is an exception. my requirement is if there is a exception the process should not run again at all


Saravana Kumar V

Hey Saravana,

You can have a look on the below post.


I think that you can solve it using "Abort Activity Change Exception".

Hope this will help you

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Sudip Pal

hi Sarvana kumar

just do it 

hope this helps



What condition you will place on if?

as per your requirement. like when you want to raise the exception. just for showing how it can be implemented.


Hi Prince

If i use Abort activity change exception the process will be trying to run again as it will be active. i want the process to stop or terminate but i want the exception message so that i can log that information. is there a way. please advise


Saravana Kumar V


Hi @saravana kumar v ,

You can play with the Process entities for which you can take dependency from System module.

You can follow below steps to close process.

1.Create one Wrapper

2.Inside wrapper use Process_Definition Entity to filter your process by the Name.

3. Then use Definition Id to filter process from Process Entity.

4. Then update Status_Id of Process entity as Closed.

5. Call this wrapper inside exception logic.



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