realtime update from bpt process

Dear Team

i have bpt process running and updating some tables once it gets completed. i want to get the realtime update of the process. i have 3 status when i start the process i mark it as "InProgress" and if completed then "Completed" on error then "Error". i want to show these status in the UI for the user to know what is the status of the process. please help


Saravana Kumar V

Hi @saravana kumar v, When you launch a process, it returns a process ID. You can use 'Process' and 'Process_Status' entities from the system module to get the status of the process (refer to the screenshot attached). I would suggest you use JS to check the status every once in a while, depending on how long a process may last. For example, if your process only takes 1-2 minutes, then check the status every 2-3 seconds; if it takes 5–10 minutes, then check it every 30 seconds.

Hello Saravana,

What DBMS are you using? If you are using SQL Server, which uses the READ UNCOMMITTED transaction isolation level, then all you have to do is fetch those records from the database and show them in the UI. Their current status, set by your BPT process, will be correctly displayed.


Since you need to read data from database same solution would work regardless of whether you are using BPT or not. You can probably use below forge component.


Hope it helps!


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