Is there any trick to merge changes from service module to web module?


In my project, we have to handle two parallel branches and sometimes there is a need to merge changes from one to another. Also some modules have been converted to service modules in one environment, but not the other. So the problem is this: when I need to merge changes from service module to traditional web module in another environment - this is not allowed by service studio. When it is the other way around - no problem, I can convert source module to service before merging. But as it is not possible to convert service module to traditional web - I don't see what can I do to merge from it. I have many changes and it will be very difficult to copy-paste them. I am wondering if there is any known trick which can help here?

Hm. I presume you are not interested on any possible changes to UI flows, themes or images (interface tab content). Riding on your idea of converting the source, could this work?

  1. Clone the target (traditional web) module
  2. Convert cloned tradweb module to service
  3. Do your merge between source service & cloned target service
  4. Copy-paste from cloned & converted target (service) module to original target (traditional web) module

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