Enterprise license being relicensed to smaller companies

Enterprise license being relicensed to smaller companies

Hi Community,

Is anyone aware of a developer or company with an enterprise license that redistributes or resells space (software units and hosting) to smaller companies such as myself? My application is larger than the community edition and I would love to continue with the agile platform but I am too small to pay for an enterprise license. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
Hi Fadi,

I believe our Agile Center team has, meanwhile, been in contact with you about this matter, but I opted to also reply here in case other people have the same doubt.

The way the Agile Platform licensing works is that a named client "buys" a license for that company's application development: projects on that server need to be, as it were, part of the application portfolio of that named client.

This means that, while it is acceptable for a company to develop an app that it then monetizes as SaaS to its own clients, sub-licensing development space in an Agile Platform server is NOT permitted.

I'm sure that - in tandem with our Agile Center team - you can find an alternative solution to your hosting problems!


Interesting stuff.... I'm also getting in the "danger" zone of the community edition.
Miguel I'll contact you about this issue also :-)

Why is sub-licensing not allowed ? If a company buys a license of 15K (the current bare minimum) and allow another to share the license puts it on his portfolio ... is it still a problem or not ? And how is that controled anyway ?

Would have been so nice to get the 60K license back again.
Outsystems would be able to sell many more 60K licenses I'm sure !!
Hi Miguel - I read your reply with interest. I think it would be great for you to clarify on the forum what alternative solution can be found, as there will be many people facing a similar issue. Thanks!

I am very impressed with Agileplatform too but it is just too expensive for small developers. Until Outsystems comes up with pricing structure that is more affordable, are there any alternatives like Agileplatform?