Looking for a Developer for My Small Application


I am looking for a developer to continue work on my small application. Please let me know if you are a developer or can recommend a developer, thank you very much.
Hi Fadi, 
we are an OutSystems partner used to work remotly. Depending on your needs we could work on your application.
For that I'd like to know when you need to start and what size / work needs to be done.
If you agree we can talk through skype, my id is fredericoaf

Thank you,
Frederico Ferreira
Hi Fadi, I'm a developer an today I work with plataform everyday building an ERP using it. If you want you can chat with me on skype (alexandreafc) GTalk (alexandreafc@gmail.com) or send me a direct message. I live in Brazil and work would have to be run remotely that is no problem.
Hi I am an experienced Outsystems developer living in New Zealand.

If you are interested in Outsystems consultancy services please contact me at john.crp.pda@gmail.com

Cheers mate