[Tip] Site Property Refresh

[Tip] Site Property Refresh

Hi All,

I Just want to share a problem that I had and that can happen to you to:

Task: "Restrict all annexes (or similar) of the application for users with edit permissions on them."

Approach Taken: Boolean indicating whether Site Property
annexes are locked or not, then perform the restriction of users permissions to 'read-only'.

Problem: When the lock is made in all the annexes, the user with permissions continued to have the same permissions on the annexes, even with the change of status of the SP in the Service Center,
the value of the SP just happens in the end of 1 or 2 minutes in Service Studio.

System Action: TenantInvalidateCache

If the SP is consumed by the same screen eSpace, e.g. the updating is performed immediately if the value is changed by the application.
(My case) -> But if it's a SP obtained in an public action of another eSpace,
then it isn't immediately updated and needs the action TenantInvalidateCache.

Credits to: Marco Costa and Gonçalo Fonseca

Best Regards,
Edgar Ramos