Hello Everybody,
My company's users are having freezing/latency issues using an Outsystems application when using the IE browser.  I am going to get back more info on what version of IE, but it appears to be isolated to IE.  We have had the users convert over to Firefox and Outsystems app has had no issues with Firefox.  This Outsystems app has been in production for months now and we do not know why the app is having freezing/latency issues with IE at this time.  And to elaborate, the user would use the app on IE and the app would freeze/stop processing.  Sometimes the app would take a long time to execute some process.
Anyone explanation for this.
Thanks in advance,

The version of IE that the app is having problems with freezing/latency is IE 8.
Hi Frank! Can you isolate the issues to a particular screen or is it happening throughout the whole application?
I can give to the eSpace and let you know the main operating page of the application.  Please send me your email and I'll email it to you.  I have issues doing attachments to the forum posts.

Here is my email address: frank.casali@lenderlive.com
Please email me at this email address.

I think it's better if you contact the support directly.
Hi Frank,

Usually if you're experiencing freezes in the browser, that can happen for a variety of reasons, such as (ordered from most likely to least likely):
  • scripts (javascript) that take a lot of time to run (the browser freezes while javascript is running)
  • very high memory comsumption
  • issues with the rendering engine
Scripts that take a very long time to run are the most common cause here, as their effect isn't just slowness, it's really UI freeze. If a script runs fast enough, this isn't noticed by the user.
High memory comsumption will cause the browser to respond slower, but this situation can be easily monitored using a tool such as task manager and checking how much memory is the browser using. If you get a huge value that keeps increasing, the problem may be a memory leak of some kind.
Issues with the rendering engine will usually only manifest in huge pages with lots of elements, for example a really huge table or a fair amount of animated gifs.

Toubleshooting script speed is possible by using Internet Explorer developer tools (I don't remember if in IE8 they were already part of the browser or still available as a free add-on). There you'll find a profiler that you can use to understand which pieces of script are taking longer.

Does you company use Citrix or some other virtual desktop?
Does you company use proxy-servers and if so, which ones and have they special rules?