Sequential high volume transaction ... how to secure this

Sequential high volume transaction ... how to secure this

Let's say we want to create a bidding engine (like EBay)

How do we make sure bids are placed in the database in the correct order ?
Especially near the moment of closure of a sale, it might happen that app 100 users at the same time place the bid

Can we rely on the database engine in the platform to handle it correctly ?
Or do we need to use threading of windows by means of a XIF ?

I've been reading about transactions and how they are handled ... but am not sure if the platform handles this correctly/securly enough
Interesting question Joop. I'm curious about this too...
Hi Joop,

I'm not sure if I understood your problem.
From from point of it looks like a simple transactianal issue that can simply be handled by the database.

So in your application you just do a Get*ForUpdate and validate if the bid can be done before writting to the database.
The order itself is not relevant, since:
  • from a user point of view the other bids didn't happen yet.
  • from your point of view only the highest one counts.
João Rosado