Hi I have a problem with a screen action that I made. I want one row of Table move to A Table B  that works with screen action CreateB_2 but succeeds only 1 record. what I want is that you can move whit a "for each'' loop multiple rows at once to Table B. CreateB screen action is a ''for each'' loop but this does not work, can anyone help with that?
Hi Thomas,

First of all, I have no idea what you are trying to make with those tables in Session ...but that logic is scary and I really hope it's just for purposes of this testing.

Anyway, on your CreateB_2 it creats a row in TableB with the value of the line in TableA you click.
In other words, it inserts in TableB the value of the current record (
"TableATable.List.Current.TableA" )

The CreateB action doesn't work because in the assign you are using "TableATable.List.Current.TableA" instead of "GetAllTableA.List.Current.TableA".

Hope this helps you :)
And please use local variables instead of Session variables to store records. Session should be used for semi-persistent information, not as helper variables for logic.

João Rosado
Hello Thomas,

A little tip about the performance issue about using 
Session variables to store records and about beste practices.
Take a look at this documents that Outsystems did, and that explains this points very well:

Agile Platform - Performance Best Practices
Development Best Practices

Have a good Agile reading.. : )

Best Regards,
Gonçalo M.