Issue with disappearing pictures in a Word Merge (Office Template Extension)

Dear Fellow Community Members,

In our project, we have been using the Office Template extension for quite a while now. During this time we have made several changes (improvements to it) but there is one issue we could not solve. When merging two documents togeter (what is done using the Open XML SDK), pictures are getting lost. I hope any of you might have some ideas/solutions on this issue.

I have joined a small OML to show the features of the extension and the extention itself in one solution. To have the Office Template to work, the Open Office SDK has to be installed on the server. (the link can also be found in the demonstration OML)

In the next post I'll also upload an version of the Office Template Word Merge Extension which only contains the wordmerge part, and a lot of comments. Within these (really messy) comments I have collected a lot of possible directions. Some might be usefull?

I hope someone knows a solution for this issue.

Kind Regards,
Wouter Schrandt
The attachment with the messy comments.