Hello, I would like to know what is the best way to execute several instances of an action at the same time,
much in the same way in .net we use threads.
I tried launching a process several times, but still the action in not being executed assync..
My goal is to simulate several users invoquing the same action flow. So I want to start the execution of an action
several times in an assync way.
Thanks in advance
Maybe there's a better way, but I'm doing it like this: * Created a web screen that processes a task on it's preparation. * Created an extension that receives a Record List with tasks to execute and the screen URL. * The extension creates a thread pool with threads that send a Web Request to the URL, adding the necessary parameters. Sorry for not putting more detail into this explanation, but I'm posting from a phone :/
Thanks for the feedback João, I may try that one!
I talked with Vasco Teixeira-Pinto and he suggested a way he learned with BPT: 1) a process invoques the action with the logic I want to execute; 2) we created another process with an automatic activity and a conditional start, 2) the conditional start invoques the first process 3) the automatic activity runs a loop that triggers the conditional start. So we have at least these 2 options to accomplish this.
Considering the it is to "simulate" the behavior, I'm not sure that processes are a good aproach to it. using processes will give you a limited amount of paralelism (10 I think), but will also generate extra load that can change your results (expecially if its testing something BPT related).

The sugestion from João looks a better option.
Just don't forget that there can be some limitations in terms of Threads / Requests from same IP at the IIS security level (Denial of Service protections), so results are still not 100% like the real thing.

João Rosado