Forge - enable component update notification service via RSS feed.

It would be good to have a public RSS feed for each component.

This will enable applications to get notified when a component has been updated.

Outsystems may also want to use this RSS feature to notify administrator via service center and service studio.
We currently have no per-project RSS feed (only the unified feed), but that is a cool suggestion. In the meantime, can you maybe use the component Follow option to get emails and have your application monitor the Follower mailbox and detect for new versions (or related threads)?


Would you know what is the format for the email subject title sent out when a new components is updated?

Sure. The email subject will be something like

COMPONENTNAME - New Version 1.3

and the body

Dear Miguel Melo,

A new version of the COMPONENTNAME component has been released. You can Download it here.
These are the release notes of the current version:
Released on 24-October-2012 by Miguel Melo
<Dependencies text goes here>

Best regards,

Your are being notified of this release because you chose to be so in the Agile Network. If you don't want to receive notifications click the Unsubscibe link in COMPONENTNAME page after login in.

Hope this helps,