How to make multiple-choice in gridview(RecordEdit) with checkbox ?

I have a page that show the search result list. i want to select some items with chechbox ?
please refer to attachment.
Can anyone tell me how to do it ? 
Thanks very much!
Hi Xiage,

Intelli Warp implements the pattern you are describing when you create a Master-Details Page.
You can read this topic on how to implement the MAster-Detail pattern with Intelli Warp, and then replicate the logic you need in your applications.

Summarizing you need to:
  1. Create a structure that has a Boolean attribute. Set the Default value of the attribute to false;
  2. Add that structure to the query in the Preparation. Now your query returns the selected columns and a new column that is False for all records retrieved;
  3. Add a new column to the TableRecords, drag the CheckBox to it, and associate it with with the new variable in the TableRecords;
  4. When the user clicks on the button, the Screen Action needs to:
  5. Iterate all records using a ForEach
  6. Execute your logic: the records checked by the user have the value True in the column that we just created.
Hi Joao,
Thanks very much, yes you are right,i have a edit page. when i click the Button redirect to the edit page.
Please see my below illustraction.Thanks again. 

I considered this must to be something done programmatically, you might make a gridview multiple selection. But, I also got no ideas when talking with the checkbox in gridview. Anyway, the suggestions they gave sounds to be very practical.