OnChange and Loading widget on Internet Explorer 9

OnChange and Loading widget on Internet Explorer 9

Hello all,

I'm having a strange behaviour in one of my applications when using internet explorer 9 with browser mode: IE9 and Document Mode: IE9 Standards. None of this happens when changing to IE8 Document Mode or previous or using any other common web browser (Firefox or Chrome).

Let's try to document this strange behaviour:
  1. So I have a web screen, with 2 web blocks (they are used in diferent web screens and the behaviour is the same);
  2. The first web block has 2 dropdowns (field where in the bellow screenshots) and the last has a NotifyWidget action which I use to refresh the second web block (Who field, disabled by default);
  3. When I use the first dropdown inside the first web block (where field), (I have a OnChange the refreshes the second dropdown) the system shows the loading widget and it never hides again. The Second dropdown gets refreshed as it's supposed;
  4. When selecting the second dropdown, its onChange calls the NotifyWidget Action;
  5. This notify widget gets caught by the parent web screen, the onChange action runs, but after that, no more OnChange events are called (inside the second webblock are more hidden widgets only shown depending on the value selected in the first dropdown of this web block - Who field).

See the following images that better describe the use case I just presented: (In the last image another text field should appear as result of the value chosen in the dropdown)

When changing document mode:

In the other browsers the loading widget gets shown all along the process as it happens in IE but all the onChange events are called and the application run smoothly.

Anyone having problems like this?

Any idea about what could I have done incorrectly?

Thanks in advance!