im running v. and am having a problem with  the debuger in referenced modules

when i set a breakpoint in the entry espace, the debugger breaks

but if i set a breakpoint in a module, that has been referenced into the entry espace
and also set the entry espace in "Dubugger -> Select entry espace..." (public debugging on remote server)
it actually breaks like 1ce every 1000 tries =( whats the problem?

i found a post recomending the tuning steps from the installation checklist.

the only point we left out from the checklist is "Configure worker process optimizations" for the Outsystems application pool
since this has been causing issues when publishing espaces; and sometimes even 503 error codes, which required an iisreset.
the step for the Service Center application pool has been done, including the worker process optimizations.
could this be causing the debugger problem? or might it be a symptom of the actual issue?

other posts mention the internet connection, which doesnt sound plausible to me, since it works with the entry espace.
but could it be a problem, if we are only allowing external connections to port 443? does the debugger require other ports?

thank you!
I assume that the problem you are having is that the Debugger is skipping some breakpoints, correct?
There's a known issue that the Debugger skips a breakpoint on the Consumer when the breakpoint is set on a call to a function on the Producer, is this your case?
If so, please try to start the Debugger first on the Producer eSpace (the one you select the entry eSpace) and after on the Consumer eSpace (the entry eSpace). 
Does this solved your problem? If not, please explain in more detail which breakpoints are skipped and in which eSpace.
Waiting you feedback.
PS: You can also check this post "[ServiceStudio] Select Entry eSpace ..." ( where there's a post about "how-to" use the debugger with a "Select Entry eSpace".
This is how I feel about the debugger, especially with producer eSpaces !!!!