Using SQL views

Hi, is it possible to define and use SQL views within the product? I'm thinking about using them instead of having advanced queries within the platform, but I'm not sure if I can access them, and secondly, if there's any way for them to be rolled out to live as part of promoting a solution to the live server.

Thanks a lot
Hi Iain,

Possible? : You can create the views directly in the SQL and then reference them using entities defined in extensions.
Access? : As long you make sure they have permissions (mosly a problem in Oracle) for the runtime user of the platform it should work fine.
Rolled out? : Not really, that would have to be a manual step on your side.

João Rosado
Hi Iain,
You can not define the View inside the platform, but you can reference it. 
The steps to accomplish this are:
1 - Create the View inside your Database.
2 - Grant permissons to the Hubruntime platform user  "GRANT SELECT ON [<VIEW_NAME>] TO HUBRUNTIME;"
3 - Consume the view in the Integration Studio and then reference it in the eSpace.
To include the view in the deployment the only way that i know is running the creation code inside an advanced query that executes inside a Timer that runs in deployment of the eSpace. For this to work we need to give permissions to the HUBRUNTIME to create views in the Database, this approach can be a security breach.
The example code to be runned inside an Advanced Query:
declare @sql varchar(max)
exec (@sql)

Best Regads,
André Pereira
Hi João and André, thanks for your replies - I'm clear now on what we'd need to do if we need to use views. And yes, I agree that HUBRUNTIME being able to create views would be a security breach.

All the best, Iain