Upgrade to 7.0?

Hello Everybody,
I have never upgraded my Outsystems version before.  My current Outsystems setup is  I read some background info on upgrading to 7.0.  My interest is to upgrade my local computer only.  Do I just download Service Studio 7.0 at this link: http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkDocuments/DocumentDetail.aspx?DocumentId=862&VirtualDirectoryId=0
Is this version( the latest?  Will this download also upgrade Integration Studio as well or is that a separate download?  Also, do I have to delete my current version or will write over  Sorry for all of the questions.

Hi Frank,

Current versions are Service Studio, Integration Studio and Platform Server
You can have multiple versions of SS and IS in the same machine but they will only work against servers matching the 2 major digits of the version (7.0.x.x)
That means that if you plan a Service Studio upgrade you must also upgrade a server and all the applications need to be republished on the new version.

Also, eSpaces upgraded to 7.0.x cannot be open or published in lower versions (6.0.x for example).

João Rosado