Integration Studio not creating custom code

Integration Studio not creating custom code

Hi Guys,

I am having difficulty in creating my first Agile Integration extension.

After the Action and input parameters are created in Integration studio, I click on the "Edit Source Code" button, which creates the  CSharp project for the extension. I have watched the online videos and the C Sharp code automatically crated the methods and comments inside the project.
However, when the project is created in my sample, the methods or comments are not created automatically.  Its just empty.

Can anyone shed some light as to why this is so. I really need the comments and methods created so I know what to use and where to use them.



Robbie -

You may be looking inside the wrong file in the VS Project. Open the .cs file with the same name as the Extension, and you will see them there.

I am looking at the correct .cs file (The one with the same name as my extension). Weird!!!

Strange indeed. I never had problems with it.
I suggest a feedback to support is in place.

and if you search for "TODO" do you find anything?
Sorry Joost, Im not sure what you mean by search "TODO"?

Thanks for your help.

Robbie N.
Well, the methods always contain a comment like  "TODO: custom code here" , so if you search for "TODO" in the project in visual studio it might find something ;)

Integration Studio creates the c# method based on what you define in Integration Studio, so first of all you need to create the action definition there and afterwards you open Visual Studio or Eclipse to write that action's implementation in c# or java.

I'm not sure why you're creating this extension and what steps you followed. Can you shed some light on this? Can you upload the extension you create so far?

I was trying to create a simple "Hello World" entension that returns a message string. Something very simple.

The action and input/output definitions were created first. Then I went to Edit the Source Code, and thats were the issue is. There is no pre-populated code in C Sharp. All that Is provided is the following:

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Data;
using OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform;
using GotDotNet.ApplicationBlocks;
namespace OutSystems.NssHelloWorld {
public class CssHelloWorld: IssHelloWorld {
} // CssHelloWorld
} // OutSystems.NssHelloWorld
can you provide the xif, will help perhaps :)
Update: Installed Visual Studio 2008 and Integration Studio V6 on a test machine.
Works fine. All comments are created. Go figure.

Didnt work with VS2008 and Integration Studio