i have been browsing trough all the topics but dident find an answer to my question.
What i would like to do is add this code like beaneath to the <head></head>:

<!--[if IE]><script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="link"></script><![endif]-->

Is there anyway to add this to the source code or anyway to edit the source code to do this? 

Hello Fabian,

The better way to do this should be something like a C# (for example) method to attach on the PageLoad event the tag you want to the head.
But you also can explore something using javascript or jQuery to do this.
Maybe something like:
osjs('head').append("<!--[if IE]><script language='javascript' type='text/javascript' src='link'></script><![endif]-->");
Sorry about the short reply, but hope it helps on this...And please share it with the community..

Best Regards,
Gonçalo Martins
Hi Fabian,

Adding JavaScript to the page (or even to the head) is not hard, but adding it with conditional tags is.
Can you explain exactly what your script does, so we can give you a better solution?

Anyway my recommendation is to just include the script in all browsers and check "if(osjs.browser.msie)"

João Rosado
Hi Fabian,

Did you solve that question? I have the same problem.