Error creating Email.

Error creating Email.


 i have the below error  when i sending an Email..

"Error createing Email..The remote server returned an error:(500) internal server error".

any ideas..

sattibabu vatti.
Hi Sattibabu,

First of all, welcome to the OutSystems community.

How are trying to send the email? Are you using the email widget? If so, did you configure the email server using the service center?

Paulo Garrudo
You should also make sure to configure the Hostname in your Server Administration.
Hello Sattibabu,

Welcome to the OutSystems community.
You should also check if you're passing the correct parameters to the action to send the emails, if you don't have any problems related to network configurations or restrictions (for example in the firewall). To check if the problem is in your configurations you can use for example a gmail account configured in the ServiceCenter and check the behavior..
Can you tell if you can get more information about the error from the Service Center logs?

Best Regards,
Gonçalo M.