Pro bono work appliance development

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How to match unemployed helpless people with known job opportunities.

People must be registered at the ATL da Galiza, a charity mutual organization from the SCMC, whose mission is to receive, personalize and follow-up deprived children, youth, adults, seniors and families, over the years.
Purpose of this request - a job matching Internet application powered by Outsystems platform

1) Encourage available independent workers to start membership on this portal
2) Ensure job opportunities dissemination with a compatible retribution
3) Create profiles and enable its change by the self-employed or the system administrator
4) Prevent professional recruiters from system entry, no agency fees
1) Discover matching between jobless profiles and working opportunities, through the use of matching keywords, enabling job selection
2) Promote opportunities follow-up, filtering and sorting job profiles list
3) Facilitate callendering of candidates interview in ATL da Galiza and promote contract preparation

Each jobless candidate will be able to input his personal data, providing usefull information:
  - identification /name, location and date of birth, ID N. issue date and validity, Fiscal N., Telephone, 
  - proffessional /school, proffession, knowledges, experience, references,
  - household /names, ID Ns, school, proffession, employment situation
Multiple job opportunities information will be fed manualy by the portal manager or automatically by a sindicated procedure
  - job requirements,
  - applicant profile,
  - job scheme and retribution plan
The system will manipulate keywords to discover matching correspondences between the jobless profiles and working opportunities, enabling job selection, and will have tools to promote follow-up, filtering and sorting of opportunities on the job profiles list, that will facilitate scheduling of candidates interview at the ATL da Galiza and contract preparation.

The developer is requested to forward an implementation callendar including maintenance and support for new features.

Development conditions
All development effort should be offered as a Pro Bono (through a professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment) with no cost for the ATL da Galiza, that is a charity mutual institution.
Hello Jose. Do you have someone to develop the app already?
Pedro Cardoso wrote:
Hello Jose. Do you have someone to develop the app already?
 Hi Pedro,
Not yet.Will you be interested and prepared to do it?
Any questions that I can work around?
Thanks and regards,
Helo Jose.

I believe I'm prepared to do it. I have more then 10 years of IT and 8 month of OutSystems. It's easy to find my profile in linked in, check it out and take your own considerations.

Let me get home today and have a good look at your requirements, but I belieive that it is quite straight forward. Do you have a platform where I can start working on?

I've read your requirements and as I said before, the requirements are easy to follow.

I'll be waiting for you to state your mind. 
Ola Pedro, 
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