Disable/Enable elements of an Action

Is it possible to disable elements of an action flow for testing/debugging?

For example, can you disable a Query or an Assign element without having to delete them from the action?
Sometimes you will have the need to pass through elements without executing them for testing purposes and need them readily on hand to re-activate if required.
For elements such as Assign, which can comprise of many varibales and assigned values, it would be great to just de-activate the element so that it would not be processed at run-time.

This is possible a request already in the wisdom of crowds?? If not, then it should be so.

Robbie Nati

Hello Robbie,

It is not possible to directly do what you mean.

A trick we see sometimes to achieve something like this is to have the elements you wish to "disable" from your flow put in a branch which is never reached (for example, on a True branch of an If(False)). It's a bit of extra work, but you can disable entire flows this way.

I hope this idea is somehow useful to you.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva