IE keeps logging out user

IE keeps logging out user

I have come across a strange issue with Internet Explorer....

When a User logs into the app, and then selects a menu link (which is a simple link to a page with some input variables) the user is always logged out.
Now, this issue only occurs when they are using IE (both version 8 and 9), It works fine on all other browsers.

The next strange part is that it only happens when the user logs into the app from a cloaked web address.
My app is currently hostes with Outsystms PAAS service, and thus I have a cloaked domain that points to that address.
So, when the User is using the cloaked address, and Internet Explorer, they are always logged out.
BUT, if they use the original app address location (htp:// and with Internet Explorer, it works fine.

Has anyone seen this issue before?
Use firefox ;)
Haha, nice one.

I cannot stand IE, and NEVER EVER USE IT. However you cannot control what browser your customer base use and are comfortible with.
Do you use anywhere in the code direct links ?
using that http://myaccount...?
because if the domain changes IE will lose the session.

Best regards,
Carlos Rocha
Hi Carlos,

No, I only use the built-in "Link To" Agile feature.