Searching for kiwi Aussie developers to team with

Hi I am an experienced Outsystems developer living in New Zealand.

I am searching for other likeminded guys from New Zealand and Australia!

Hi Joao,

I live in Sydney. Good to know there are some local Outsystems developers. 

Hi João,
I'm in Portugal but have a strong desire to move to another country..
Can you tell the
state of acceptance, interest and opportunities in the development of web applications using the Outsystems Agile Platform, in that side of the globe?
Good luck for you.

Gonçalo M.
Outsystems is lagging a bit in NZ, I would search for a company and get a proper offer before comming here.
Unless you are very strong in C# and latest version.

We need outsystems here but it is not big enough to bring people here.
Ask outsystems... :)

Pls private message me your emails, cause I have somekind of prob with my account and cant private message without getting an err msg...