Multi select issue - Combobox / Radiobutton.

Multi select issue - Combobox / Radiobutton.

Hi !!

I have a problem, I will explain it with an example.

Suppose I have a combobox having values as 'Paris', 'Newyork' and 'London'.

Now I have three radiobuttons with the same cities specified above. 

Now, what I want is when the user select a city in the combobox, the user should not be allowed to select the same city in the radiobutton i.e it should be disabled or hidden. Also, the user must be able to multiselect the other two values, having a single variable.

I have tried a few alternatives like 'onChange' and other methods, but was not able to meet the requirements.

Also, I tried to used Checkbox, but I am not able to assign more checkboxes to one variable.

Any Hints ?

Thanks !!
What have you done exactly?
Could you provide a simple example of what you did have achieved?

I cannot give hints when I haven't seen your code.

I conceive that in this circumstance some UI combobox or UI radio button may be of help. Or I misundertood the question.