Schedule publish solution from one server to another server
Bom dia,

Every week I create a new solution on our development server to publish on our regression server, and that takes a bit of time.
So, is it possible to create some sort of schedule which creates the new solution on the development server and then uploads that solution on the regression server automatically and then publishes it with full compilations? And if so, how would that be done?

Best regards,

Paul van Rooijen
Hello Paul,

That's a very good idea, but I think that it not exists. At least using a out-of-the-box feature from the Outsystems Agile Plaform.
After talking with the support service, you should post that  idea in the Wisdom of Crowds..
Give some news about this issue..

Best Regards,
Gonçalo M.

understand this is a very old post. years passed by.. would like to understand, if any such possibility exists as of now? even with any other command line utility or anything?

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