image resizer

Hi Outsystems community,

I have my upload image using image widget property that i learned in the intelliwarp tutorial. It saves the image/file to the database in binary format. My problems and questions are the following:

1. It accepts file such as .exe when i try to upload it. Is it possible to only accept image file such as .jpg,.png,etc?
2. Is it possible to have a file resizer? or some kind of validator for the binary size. For example, i want to limit the max upload size for 5mb.

Thank you very much and any help would be appreciated,

1. after the upload you can check the extension and the mimetype. mind you it's not 100% fullproof, but mimetypes and extensions never are.

2. you can have a resizer. perhaps 1 is in the forge. furthermore, the default upload size of IIS is 4Mb I believe, so you can set it there as well.