[Video] Want to take a peek inside OutSystems? :)

Hi everyone,

The latest episode of Made In Portugal, a TV program which covers innovative and noteworthy companies from (you guessed it) Portugal :) has a 10 minute, very cool feature on OutSystems!

Follow the image link to watch it. OutSystems segment starts at 19:40 minutes!
You will be able to see exclusive footage of life in the OutSystem HQ, and you may spot a few known faces from the Forums, Articles and Components in their natural habitat! Time-saving tip: Don't bother looking for me as I was not in the office that day. :-P

The program is in Portuguese, but fully subtitled in English.


Hi again,

It seems that - for some reason - this episode has currently been taken down of the RTP site. :(

Let's hope that it comes back again. Until then, please be patient...


Hi Miguel,

The original video never returned so here's a version for those wanting to practice their Portuguese:

Don't bother with the automatic caption translation, they're just a mess. :)


yeah, but the butchered English translations are hysterical...