Hi guys,

At my development i'm using a BPM.
As you can see in the annex, i have a "Conditional Start", wich is a reopen. What i want is to reopen one Process in this Human Activity, in others words, i want to end the flow, but if i need, i want to reopen the closed Process in this Human Activity.

Do you know how to do it?

Best Regards,
Diogo Miguel
Hi Diogo,

Reopening a closed process is not possible (cond starts are only available while the process is open)

You can either open a new process or leave the process open while it  can be reopen (with a wait activity with a long timeout after the start in parallel with the rest of the process).
Note that performance wise I don't recommend leaving them open for a infinite amount of time. But I seen requirements to be able to reopen processes during a known period of time.

João Rosado
Hi João,

Thanks for the answer.

Best Regards,
Diogo Miguel