Bits & Bijt - Developer meetup in the Netherlands - December 12, 2012

Hi everyone,

This was an eventful year, where Global instability was met with the assurance of improved application roll out processes with the new Agile Platform v7 – from the huge workflow improvements brought on by LifeTime, to the publishing and staging performance boosts of the upcoming 7.0.1 release, Enterprise development economy is truly booming!

In two weeks time we will have the closing Bits & Bijt developer meetup event for 2012, bringing you the habitual mix of Agile Platform insider info and tales of the trade by fellow OutSystems developers.

As attendance has surged in the last meetups we moved the event, to be held on December 12, to a great venue also located in Maarssen: De Glazen Ruimte!
The Agenda is closed and Registrations open! If you want to join us for this ever exciting, laid back event register for free by following this link.

Hope to see you all there,